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Double Blur® HD Ready Skin Perfector

In a study of 21 volunteers:

  • 100% agreed skin appeared mattified
  • 90% agreed skin appeared smoother looking
  • 85% agreed Double Blur reduced the appearance of pores

Our HD ready skin perfector with Dual Diffusion Technology™ helps make you camera ready… instantly. It helps create a noticeably uniform skin surface by filling fine lines and wrinkles plus covering spots and pores to boot. All those little problematic areas (sorry, we all have them) get blurred out and skin becomes mattified, smooth and silky. No filter needed!

We all want perfect skin. Oh, to look gloriously model-esque: no pores, no spots, no lines and wrinkles, certainly no shine. No problem! Take one step closer to the airbrushing look previously only reserved for A-listers with Double Blur® HD Ready Skin Perfector. Designed to make you ‘picture perfect’ in an instant, Double Blur contains double the blurring technology: Dual Diffusion Technology™ to be exact.

Brace yourself for the science bit! Firstly, Double Blur’s polymer microspheres fill wrinkles and scatter light at many angles, creating an optical illusion where it’s almost impossible to see wrinkle depth, so fine lines are truly blurred. The microsphere fill technology also cleverly allows light to reach the natural skin and reflect back, meaning you achieve a very natural looking blurring effect. No fake mask look here!

Secondly, Double Blur helps create a delicate, undetectable veil over the skin that softens imperfections on the surface, while still leaving it feeling soft and bouncy (We asked our boffins to add extra natural glycerin so skin also stays nice and hydrated).

Expect an airbrushed effect that looks as if you’ve already used foundation. Pores and fine lines are filled and softened; redness and shine reduced; spots and imperfections glazed over, as if barely there. Your overall complexion is just left looking a whole lot better but still feeling slinky smooth to the touch.

Double Blur is a colourless, fast-absorbing cream-gel to be used on specific areas that need a little airbrushing. The airless pump packaging is easy peasy to use; delivering just the right amount so you don’t waste any of our product, just like the whole HERO family.

Perfect for

Anyone that needs instant results and a little bit of (secret) airbrushing for their close up. Also, great for the gym - we all still want to look good there, right?

How to use

For shine reduction, use alone or pat lightly pre-makeup to forehead and other areas. Use a beauty blender/sponge/fingers to pat foundation/makeup over the top. You can top this up and apply to individual areas of pores, fine lines and imperfections after makeup for extra blur. Important to use a dabbing technique for the best and long-lasting coverage.

Active Ingredients

Molecular diffusion film, Particules diffusion fillers

Formula facts

No Parabens, No Sulphates, No Alcohol, No Fragrance, No Phthalates, No Mineral Oil, Vegetarian-friendly, Vegan-friendly, Non-comedogenic (won’t clog pores!)

Natural Facts

Natural Glycerin

Green Facts

Against animal testing, Against plastic microbeads, Carton: Recyclable & sustainable paper

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Take a look at the HERO sidekick who helped us create this product... meet Dora

Name: Dora Marotta
Age: 32

Skin concerns:
  • Redness
  • Pores
  • Fine Lines
dora marotta

A good skincare routine is an important part of my day. I use various products to cover the diverse skin needs. But I feel I still haven’t found the correct products to exfoliate my very sensitive skin without irritating it. My skin reacts a lot and it is very hard to find, for example, a mask that it is suitable for me.

As a blogger, I take pictures of myself and my outfits quite often. I am also a selfie fanatic, so Double Blur® is my must have product! It is great to uniform my skin and it reduces pores and fine lines, two of my main concerns. I also like the fact that it absorbs very quickly. It is great on its own or with moisturiser for that no make up days, like Sundays but it looks fabulous with makeup, too. I used it both with liquid foundation and before powder and the effect is a guaranteed no filter look. Bye bye photo filters!

I met THE HERO PROJECT on Facebook and, as a beauty lover, I am excited to be part of this project. I love trying new products and Double Blur® is a very interesting one!

Already using Double Blur? Tell us about it.

No. It’s gentle and works well with all skin types, even sensitive.
Absolutely ! After Hyasoft, Glow Drops, Vit C-30 or all of them. As a truly pick and mix brand, we want you to choose your best combination. Double Blur should be used as the last step in your skincare regime.
Blurring agents (the ones that fill and cover your imperfections) and natural glycerin that leaves your skin smooth and silky.
In many ways, depending on your skincare regime. Pump out just enough to cover the area you want to blur. In the morning, you can apply it a) on its own b) mixed with moisturiser and/or c) with makeup. When using with makeup you will achieve the best results if mixed with liquid foundation or applying before powder. You can also apply throughout the day whenever you feel you need a little (secret) airbrushing.

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Seriously impressed


OMG, I have never received such a lovely package from an on-line order! I cannot believe how quickly this order (HD Ready Skin Perfector) arrived and in a beautifully packaged box full of lovely goodies. Seriously impressed with this (and I haven't even tried the product yet as I have just opened the box!)

This is great!


In love with the HD Double Blur from you, guys! Incredible texture and so useful as a primer as well.

wonderful product, absolutely love the vit c too!


Absolutely love this, I have the skin that I've always dreamed of...miracle product, can' t recommend highly enough.



I have just received my order of Double Blur today (super quick) and would like to say how lovely it is to get a product so beautifully packaged. It's a small thing but does make a difference. I'm new to the Hero Project so couldn't comment on the product yet, but I'm hopeful; if it's as lovey as the wrapping...



I really like this product. It has nice silky texture and makes my skin soft.
It does blur my pores so I don't even need to apply my foundation on top.

Absolutely love it!


Cover successfully the imperfections of my skin like pores and fine lines, make uneven texture less noticeable. The skin is soft and smooth after applying it, has a good and quick absorption.
I can wear my make up without any issues.

You can have exactly what you want with Double Blurr


Brilliant, innovative, highly effective, magic eraser and picture perfect skin, you will want to take selfies after using Double Blurr!

Nice pack!


I like packaging very different. Product gives amazing after feel.

I love it!


I absolutely love this product! I'm quite conscious about my skin and wear a lot of foundation to try and cover it. With this I didn't need to use as much foundation and found it made my skin appear smoother than it ever has! Can't recommend it enough!



Lovely product, a tiny bit goes a long way.

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