From a tender age we are bombarded with nutty truths and unwritten rules of beauty. Rules like “you need to buy into the whole 57 step regime to get the best results”; “only brands with hefty price tags work”; “packaging can’t be both beautiful and functional” and “it’s ok that you can’t get the last bit out of this bottle”. We’ve all been there: ketchup-slapping our products until we’re finally fed up and just decide to throw that expensive product away…

But wait. What if there was a skincare brand that broke all these beauty rules and created fabulous products that delivered on their promises? They looked good, were convenient to use, could be easily slotted into your current regime, didn’t cost a fortune and by no means needed any ketchup-slapping?! Not to mention cutting-edge scientifically proven ingredients in modern, beautiful textures that feel great on your skin and deliver exciting, visible results day in day out.


We are an innovative, new British beauty concept from UK cosmetics superlab, Pangaea. We are on a mission to rewrite the rules and to re-set expectations of Beauty.

We put consumers at the centre of the R&D process with all of our carefully crafted products being inspired by customer reviews or creating something totally new and groundbreaking that re-sets what is universally accepted as "industry best".

The goal? For every product in the range to be a HERO product.

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