Undo™ Bi-Phase Waterproof Eye Makeup Eraser Undo™ Bi-Phase Waterproof Eye Makeup Eraser


Undo™ Bi-Phase Waterproof Eye Makeup Eraser

Our bi-phase and micellar eye makeup remover makes light work of even the toughest of makeup looks. Effortlessly remove eye makeup whilst you soothe, hydrate and condition your lashes and the skin around your eyes.

Fed up with scrubbing and pulling at your lashes and eyelids just to remove your makeup? Not to mention what a nightmare it is if you decide to wear waterproof mascara! We say stop. Just press Undo. As you would on your computer keyboard: erase the look of the day’s makeup in just a couple of quick swipes.

Undo™ truly is your ‘no faff’ waterproof makeup remover. The softening chamomile and cornflower have been carefully plucked from nature to help soothe and nourish your eyelashes and the delicate eye area. Of course, one of our fave ingredients is also present: hyaluronic acid hydrates and conditions without the unpleasant greasiness you may find with other removers.

Wow! It’s two colours we hear you say. Indeed! Our super clever bi-phase and micellar formula combines into one after a quick shake. By simply shaking the clever push top bottle you’ll see the magic work right before you eyes.

Perfect for

Undo is suitable for all ages and for those of you with sensitive eyes. Ideal for time savvy ladies who just want to rid themselves from the makeup of the day and get straight to bed. It’s also great if you’re a waterproof makeup lover and want to get it off, quick smart!

How to use

First things first, you need to shake the bottle to mix the 2 formulas into 1. Flip the cap and remove the instructions sticker. Grab a clean cotton wool pad and place it on top of the exposed pump. Now time for the magic. Pump down 2-3 times to dispense product onto your pad. (Handy hint: with 2 fingers at either edge of the Undo pump, you get the most out and waste the least). Hold your soaked pad down on each eye for a few seconds. Hold some more. Wait for it... now sweep it across each eye to remove all remnants of makeup.

Active Ingredients

Active micelles, Natural chamomile and cornflower (as per packaging content), Hyaluronic acid, Panthenol

Formula facts

No Parabens, No Sulphates, No Alcohol, No Fragrance, No Phthalates, No Mineral Oil, Vegetarian-friendly, Vegan-friendly, Non-comedogenic (won’t clog pores!)

Natural Facts

Natural chamomile, Organic cornflower

Green Facts

Against animal testing, Against plastic microbeads, Carton: Recyclable & sustainable paper

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Take a look at the HERO sidekick who helped us create this product... meet Ebru

Name: Ebru Sancak
Age: 30

Skin concerns:
  • Fine lines
  • Hydration
  • Blemishes
UNDO makeup remover

A quick makeup removal that doesn't aggravate my skin followed by something that instantly treats and continues to treat blemishes without drying out my skin and then something to 'feed' my skin the hydration I would have just removed with the previous steps and keeps me feeling comfortable and fresh.

It's fantastic to have access to a brand that reaches out to its customers to help refine their products and make them the best they can be. I feel like a part of a team that is very modern, proactive, reactive and honestly this is the way all brands need to be now! It's 2016 people! I'm so proud that I get to work with the HERO's, and help them grow because they deserve it for truly knowing what was missing.

Already using Undo? Tell us about it.

Absolutely not.This HERO (like all the others) is designed for all skin types, even the sensitive ones as well as contact lens wearers.
Well… we don’t want you to waste any drop of your HERO, therefore, we recommend to put two fingers at either edge of the pump and press lightly couple of times.
No. Opposite from many other makeup removers, this HERO has hyaluronic acid, therefore your skin is left conditioned and hydrated while cornflower makes sure no greasiness is added.
Oh yes. Actually, two of them: chamomile and cornflower leaving your delicate eye area smooth and nourished.

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Great eye makeup remover


Great packaging, very hygienic press down pump action. This eye makeup remover is gentle on the eyes and completely took off my eye make up. Great price too, very affordable.

A makeup junkie's must have


During the festive period we always need to look stunning, with beautiful makeup and gorgeous hair. I love to put on multiple layers of mascara to achieve the false lash effect, but obviously this is also much more difficult to remove. We all know that rubbing a cotton pad on your eye is not the best way to remove makeup, so the best thing to do is to buy a waterproof eye makeup remover and then place the soaked cotton pad on the eye to melt away all the makeup. This makeup remover from the Hero Project is a dual-action micellar and oil formula which effectively removes the makeup without the need to continuously rub. Although it is oil based, it does not make your skin oil. What I love about this remover is that it comes with a pump so that you use just the right amount, and avoid product wastage. A makeup junkie must have!

So gentle it's a keeper.


Being a cleans and polish devotee I was curious to see if the UNDO Bi-phase Waterproof Eye makeup remover would find its place i into my bathroom cabinet. Whilst the instructions and packaging for use are easy to follow, I did find that I only needed 1 pump of make up remover on a cotton wool. Pad to completely cleanse make up off each eye in only 2 strokes.The cleanser was gentle and at the same time powerful, caring for the delicate eye area.Will definitely repurchase.



This has to be the best eye make up remover I have used, even takes off benefit they're real with ease.



Once I had got the hang of the dispenser, I thoroughly loved using this eye make up remover. It removed my tough waterproof mascara with ease and didn't leave me with sore eyes and it wasn't over greasy either. Really pleased with this and will be purchasing this again once I run out. Thanks Libbie for a great introduction.

Does the job


Removes make up efficiently and comes in a good dispenser.

Thumbs Up


I was surprised how well this work. I was really impressed with the ease of removing eye make up with it as well as the formula.

Gentle and effective


The HERO Project UNDO Bi-Phase Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover truly is a hero product. Unlike many other make-up removers, which can either be too harsh for eyes, or not do much at all! This product really works!The bi-phase formula seems a bit confusing but it's actually easy to use as long as you remember to shake the bottle. The dispensing method is genius too as the press-button soaks a cotton pad thoroughly without a drop going to waste.This eye make-up remover simply works!

Effortless makeup removal


Gently and effectively removes even the most stubborn of eye makeup without leaving the slightest trace.The dispensing technology is fantastic and means you don't even need to pick the bottle up to use it. You just press a cotton pad down on top of it and the makeup remover is sprayed onto the pad. Really clever!

Easy to use


Great eye make up remover love the bottle.

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